The House is Hot but the Beer is Cold!

Our Story

Three long-time high school friends, a passion for home brewing, and a greenhouse operation were the inspiration for Hot House Brewing. 

John Barone, owner of Barone Gardens LLC, had an interest in growing hops in his greenhouse facility. John’s vision is to be able to have multiple harvests of hops per year with the assistance of LED lighting to produce wet hop brews beyond the traditional fall season. Tim Parkhurst and Paul Richer had a talent for crafting home brews. Together with John’s greenhouse facility, this was a perfect fit for a brewery with a unique niche of using greenhouse grown hops in our beer production.

Tim Parkhurst (left), John Barone (center), and Paul Richer (right); Founders of Hot House Brewing at Barone Gardens
Brewmaster Paul Richer in the Brewery

The Brewmaster in His Natural Habitat

Brewmaster Paul Richer takes great pride in the art of developing and refining his recipes for our line of craft beers.

Locally Grown Hops

Fermenting Tanks

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tanks

Our stainless steel conical fermentation tanks.

Filled Kegs


Kegs full of our latest production, awaiting tapping in our own tasting room, or delivery to another local establishment.

Four Pack of U Brut

We Package Our Own Beer

You know the beer is fresh when we brew it and can it in the back, and sell it in our own shop up front.