The House is Hot but the Beer is Cold!

What’s On Tap?

Our tasting room is located at Barone Gardens, with a beautiful greenhouse seating area. Our Bistro is available with hand crafted paninis, wraps, salads, sharables, and charcuterie trays that can be enjoyed year-round in our indoor greenhouse seating area, or seasonally on our outdoor patio.

Our selection of beers on tap changes weekly. We have most of our flagship brews on tap all the time, though new and seasonal brews are rotated through. 

The canned beers listed below are available in four-packs in our retail shop. You can also find a selection at Wegman’s and other local retailers.

Our Line of Craft Beers in Cans

Golden Eagle Pale Ale Topper

Golden Eagle

PALE ALE -- An easy drinking beer made with whole cone Cascade hops. Floral and Citrus with a slight bitter finish. -- 4.6% ABV

Grandma's Sweater Topper

Grandma’s Sweater

PALE ALE -- Cashmere hops give this light-bodied pale ale its tropical and herbal notes, and a smooth, bitter finish. -- 5.0% ABV

Neepah Creek Topper

Neepah Creek (NEIPA)

NEW ENGLAND IPA -- New York Centennial and Cashmere hops are the highlights of this show, providing a grapefruit / orange, citrus flavor and aroma with a very mild bitter finish. -- 4.7% ABV

Plank Road Porter Topper

Plank Road

PORTER -- A blend of roasted malts gives this porter a rich coffee aroma, resulting in a nice, semi-sweet, malt forward beer. -- 4.9% ABV

Rattlesnake Gulch IPA Topper

Rattlesnake Gulch

IPA -- Aromas and flavors of tropical orange and citrus, balanced out with over 90% New York grown malt to give it a mild bitter finish. -- 5.3% ABV

SamSquash Spiced Harvest Ale Topper


SPICED HARVEST ALE -- The rich flavor and aroma of this spiced ale come from aromatic and roasted malts and a blend of spices, vanilla, and butternut squash. -- 4.8% ABV

Smiley Nut Brown Ale Topper


NUT BROWN ALE -- A blend of roasted, caramel, and aromatic malts bring out a nutty, chocolatey, malt-forward character. -- 4.7% ABV

Sorachi Blond Ace topper

Sorachi Blond Ace

BLOND ALE -- Light bodied with hints of lemongrass and dill. A great summertime beer. -- 4.5% ABV

Torch's Irish Red Ale Topper


IRISH RED ALE -- A blend of aromatic and roasted malts give this malt-forward, Irish style red ale toasty and toffee flavors, with a slightly dry finish. -- 4.5% ABV

U Brut IPA Topper

U Brut

IPA -- This beer’s taste is crisp, light, and fruity. Don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a frail little ale. Beneath the bright, clean finish is a robust, full beer flavor. -- 5.7% ABV


Our beers are available in four-packs and growlers in our Retail Shop.

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