Plank Road Porter Topper


A blend of roasted malts gives this porter a rich coffee aroma, resulting in a nice, semi-sweet, malt forward beer.

ABV 4.9%

IBU 27

From the label ...
George Geddes
George Geddes – engineer, farmer, author and inventor. Championed the building of the first US plank road.

The First Plank Road in the United States was the 16.5-mile Syracuse-Central Square road, (now US 11)built in the late 1840s from hemlock planks. The road had four toll houses, and the collections helped maintain the road, and rewarded private investors. Plank roads replaced muddy, rutted dirt roads, and made travel by horse-drawn wagon safer… for a time. Ultimately, the planks proved to be no match for horse and wagon traffic, and a wet, snowy climate. The planks were all removed by 1913.