Sorachi Ace Topper

Blond Ale

Sorachi Ace hops give this blond ale hints of dill and lemongrass. A mild, refreshing, easy drinking beer.

ABV 4.5%

IBU 22

From the label...

Little Eva

Little Eva
The airplane on the front is based on a B-24A bomber, like “Little Eva”, which crashed while returning from a mission over Papua New Guinea on December 2, 1942. A severe thunderstorm disabled the radio and the crew lost touch with the other aircraft on the mission. Attempting to return to base alone, the crew lost their bearings and Little Eva ran out of fuel. Lieutenant Norman Crosson, the pilot, gave orders to bail out. Most of the crew members parachuted to safety, but 2 were killed. One got snagged on the aircraft when bailing, and the other went down with the plane.